Gallery Info Page

Welcome to Jay Stock's Gallery of fine art images. The images contained on this web site are the result of Jay's 50 plus years of photographic study, exploration and enrichment; it is our pleasure to present them to you. We would like to share with you some specific information about these images, prior to their viewing.

Initially all Silver Prints have been hand printed and processed, according to Museum archival standards, on fiber based paper. Their overall print dimension is 11x14, with their image dimension being approximate in size. These fine art silver prints are of the finest quality possible and created to meet the highest of standards.

All Vintage Silver Prints are hand printed on fiber based paper containing very high silver content. This paper, which was manufactured by the Eastman Kodak Company, has been discontinued for many years. These images are especially desirable, for both their visual impact and limited availability. These vintage silver prints are of the finest quality possible and created to meet the highest of standards. Images printed on this paper are traditionally found in photographic collections of the world's finest museums.

In addition to fine art prints, Jay's web site features his two fine art publications, Inspirational Impressionistic Images and Visions of Our Native American Heritage. Original prints of images from both of these publications may also be purchased. Jay's Polar Bear and Havasupai Indian Grandmother Posters, as well as a Navajo Indian Portfolio are also presented on this site. Jay's limited edition Photographic Family Woodblock Print commemorating Jay's work as a photographic educator and the students who have become a part of his extended family is showcased as well. A special Silver Print, Remember When, is offered as an invitation to you, to experience Jay's fine art photography first hand. Last, but certainly not least is Jay's Today's Faces of American Indians Limited Edition Bound Portfolio, this portfolio was presented to the United States at a White House Ceremony during the bicentennial year.

Now that you have some knowledge about the images featured on Jay's web site, you are invited to visit the Gallery and Book pages to witness first hand the artistry of Jay Stock. If you wish to learn more about Jay and his accomplishments, then please visit the pages featuring biographical information on Jay and his awards.